Classic (old) Tutorials Page


Well, since so many people were coming just for the Tutorials, and to make them easier to find and to review, I decided to put this page up... I know it's ugly right now, I'll fix that later!

Topics for tutorials:



Illustrator CS4 Tutorials:

OLD Vector Self Portrait

template (sample file) | pen tracing | pencil | previewing | blob brush (note: no blob tool in CS3) | mixing tools | eyes trick | complex layers and textures | shading





Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorials

Dreamweaver1- Basic Portfolio Site

Create Your First Page | Define your site | Format with Headings | page properties |maintain consistancy | finish pages | creating links | format links | css intro | external css


Dreamweaver 2- Adding Images

fireworks intro | fill options | stroke options | exporting graphics | save original | place images in page | save all